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Rent a Vagabond Van for your next adventure. Rates starting at $49.99/Day.


Our Story – Wanderers and wonderers.  That’s us.  For ten years we traveled the globe, logging stories, simmering on ideas, celebrating our experiences along the way.  Chicago, New York, Vietnam, New Zealand, Poland, Israel – between the three of us we’ve covered some ground.  Now that we’re ready to plant some roots and officially call Portland home, we wanted to find a way to preserve and more importantly share our sense of adventure.  Hence the creation of Vagabond Vans.


We invest where it matters most; reliability, function and comfort.  Each vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and is well maintained.  Additionally, Toyota Previas are known for their dependability and have an almost cult like following.  Our custom interior is designed to maximize space while providing essential features, making them perfect for camping in an urban environment or remote wilderness.


Clean, simple, fun not fancy.  Practical but still quirky.  Camp anywhere on your schedule.  Whether you’ve been craving a long weekend getaway or have a month to travel up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, Vagabond Vans will allow you to take the trips you’ve been dreaming of without breaking the bank.


Contact us: or call 503-564-8101

where to find us

425 SW Iowa St

Portland, OR