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My friend and I took a Vagabond van to the Bimart Country Music Festival in August and it was the best decision we made (outside of going to the concert and the inflatable pool, it was hot!)…. so much better than a tent! I’m not much of a camper so this was perfect because I didn’t have to set up a tent, I had a comfortable bed, tons of storage for all of our stuff, clean water (thanks to the water tank), camping chairs, and when we left to go to the venue, everything was locked up, safe and sound.  The best part though…. When it came time to leave, we just threw everything back in the van and took off! No need to break down a tent etc.

From now on when planning a road or camping trip, I’m taking a camper van!

All in all, great experience and would totally recommend them to anyone. The service is easy to use, the owners are super accommodating, and the vans are pretty bad ass!

Thanks for a great time Vagabond!


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The old lady and I were itchin for a walkabout and stumbled across these guys on the interwebs.  We wanted to mob the “Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route”, the route is pretty rough but when we called they set our minds at ease and informed us that contrary to colloquial wisdom the Previa was developed by none other than Ivan “Iron Man” Stewart and that our particular vehicle has won the Baja 500 a record 47 times.  Well, we took delivery of our chariot the following month and set forth upon adventure.

We felt like Lewis and Clark making the Kessel run in 12 parsec, but the hyperdrive worked flawlessly plus involved less portaging and/or cholera.  Eating in the dining area kinda resembled that that scene in LOTR when Gandalf steps into Bilbo’s house but oddly I discovered I kinda like feeling like a giant and regressed into eating my spaghetti with my hands while referring to my Apocalypse IPA as “Grog” (plus it had the added benefit as a defendable conclave against predators or gypsies).  Sadly weather permitted the rest of our meals to be consumed in our camp chairs under Zeus’s watchful eye.

Bed was some space age super foamy thing crafted by magic gnomes, the furniture all folds into itself as if Optimus Prime got drunk and went slumming at IKEA.  No complaints, these guys are top notch and we’re already planning our next trip to Middle Earth or maybe the in-laws in Coeur D’Alene.

-Thad M.


Embrace your inner wanderer and become a vagabond! We used a Vagabond Van for a little jaunt to some Southern Oregon scenic highways and to the Trinity Alps in Northern California (lots of miles, not put on our cars). The van was totally perfect for the trip. Vagabond Vans made it super easy to rent and pick up the van. We rocked those old school bucket seats hard while also taking advantage of modern upgrades like a car adapter for the phone. The kitchenette in the back was well stocked with everything we needed. Since we normally tent camp, it was super exciting to have a bed to sleep in! I would 100% recommend renting a van for your next trip.

-Brooke D.